Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Sure Sign of Summer

I spotted my first tourist taking pictures outside Stephen King's house yesterday; a sure sign that summer is coming! I have no idea why people go out of their way to see his house. It's not like there's a museum attached or anything. I used to drive by his place a couple of times a day because it was on my way to work. In the summer there'd always be a couple of cars with out-of-state license plates parked along the road and tourists snapping photos of the big red house and gargoyle gate. They're mostly average people who (I assume) have taken a small side trip while on their way to Bar Harbor. But our city's most famous resident attracts some real weirdos. There used to be a guy who came once a year in his van with a giant sign that read that Stephen King was the one who shot John Lennon. No wonder the guy wrote Misery.

I guess it's hard for people who grew up around Bangor to understand the enormous fascination with Stephen King. Sure, he's our big celebrity and the city's biggest philanthropist, but I think the locals are just used to him. (However, it is a city ordinance that all citizens of Bangor own an autographed book.) Sometimes people from away will approach us and ask for directions to his house. Sometimes we'll give it to them, and sometimes we'll send them on a wild goose chase to the mall.

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