Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mr. Mom No More

I have rejoined the workforce. No more mid-afternoon cuddling with my daughter while listening to Radiohead Lullabies until we both fall asleep. No more sharing movies that she will be too young to watch in a few months - she doesn't mind the violence, language and nudity at the moment. No more messy lunches (of course, we'll always have supper). No more trips to the store whenever we feel like it. No, I'm back to being a normal and responsible adult with a normal schedule.

I have to say that the stay-at-home dad thing wasn't the big boost to my writing output as I had hoped. She seemed to know exactly when I sat down at the Mac - and she sure as shit wasn't going to share her daddy time with any computer. (She also didn't like to share her daddy time when he tried to eat his lunch either.) But I'm hoping now that I have a schedule again, I'll find some time to actually write - or at least be able to eat lunch again.

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Patti said...

I'm sure she will have profitted by the time you did share. As did you. Good luck in the workforce. A certain degree of noodling on the Internet is tolerated in most jobs. Or at least I hope so.