Saturday, August 04, 2007


Spent part of my day at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and this is some of what I saw:

I'll comment on Hopper's stuff later when I'm a little more awake. I do have to say that as beautiful as these images are, one needs to see the paintings in person to witness how utterly amazing they really are.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Didn't realize they had so many Hoppers. Magnificent.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

I was at the MFA Sunday (8/5). I looked around to see if you happened to be there at the time, but didn't see you.

Amazing to see the work in the flesh, allowing details that don't appear in thumbnail prints to shine through.

Steve Allan said...

The exhibit was a real treat. The details are just incredible. Stephen, did you get really close to the paintings? It was amazing to see the graphite lines in the watercolors.

Patti, it was a special exhibit that moves on to Washington or Chicago next. I think the MFA owns a couple of the paintings, but the rest are from other museums - mostly the Whitney. I know the Portland Museum of Art owns at least one of the paintings of Two Lights. It's really funny to be from Maine and see paintings of buildings you're really familiar with.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

The painting "Summertime" was from the Delaware Art Museum, where I saw it and immediately wrote a story based on the image.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

I got as close to the paintings as possible. The place was packed.

Even though I asked nicely, the museum wouldn't let me take any of the paintings home for further study.