Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where to Begin Again

So, the writing pace has slowed quite a bit over the past six months, By slow, I mean just about stopped. I did finish a short story over that period, but that's about it. There have a been a few notes written down in various places and a couple of sentences typed out now and again, but for the most part my energies have been focused elsewhere; mainly, in buying a house. But now that it's been over two weeks since the closing and most of our boxes have been unpacked, I'm ready to start writing again. The trouble is where do I begin?


pattinase (abbott) said...

That's always the problem. Do I begin again with a story that doesn't quite work; with the novel that's 3/4 done; with something new entirely?

David Anthony Durham said...

Don't think about it too much. Just get on with it.

J Adamthwaite said...

This is an eternal problem for me. Getting back into the swing after any lull takes me such a long time that it ends up contributing the lull. When you're outside looking in, everything looks so big and daunting.