Friday, February 24, 2006

Edgar Nominations

I've been trying my best to read as many of the books nominated for Edgars this year as I can. So far, I have gotten through The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly, Drama City by George Pelecanos, and mid-way through Citizen Vince by Jess Walter (I started it last night). I have to get Tess Gerritsen's Vanish from my mother. She's been reading it since she went to one of Tess's book signings before Christmas. I haven't even ordered Red Leaves by Thomas H. Cook. I hear mixed things about it.

As for my pick, I would love to see Pelecanos win. However, as much as I really enjoyed Drama City, I don't think it was his strongest book (But, even the least of his books outshines most authors' best).

The Lincoln Lawyer was very good, and I finished it in only a couple of sittings, but it lacked the character complexity of his Harry Bosch novels. Of course, since it was written in first person POV and it is about a slick lawyer, how deep of an interspection would you expect? The story was fantastic. And as I think about it, I'm still amazed by Connelly's tight plot. But he has always been very good.

Citizen Vince is pretty good so far. I like the main character and I like the setting that Walters has created. The 1980 Presidential race backdrop is just perfect. I can't wait to finish it this weekend. Of all the books in this category, I'd say this one is the closest to my own stories.

As for Tess Gerritsen, she is a very nice lady and I would be so happy for her if she won. I've enjoyed her other books, but like I said, I haven't read this one yet. I will, though.

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