Monday, July 24, 2006

Back At It

So, after the graduation residency (of which, I'll blog about later) and a death in the family, it's back to writing. I have the rest of the novel's plot figured out, I just to write the last third. I also promised someone a short story, which I need to complete. And I have edits to do on a story that will be published this Fall. Maybe I'll write a little flash fiction to get the juices going. Those are usually fun, and I feel so productive once I have finished one.

And then there are the books I want to read. I glanced at John Irving's Until I Find You while I was at the residency, but it didn't capture my attention enough to plow through it. I've started Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov on the advice of my friend Sarah (I forgot how fucking long that book is. My god, it will take me forever to finish). But I've hit the pause button on that book so I can read Scott Smith's The Ruins; which kept me up late last night. I've waited about 13 years for this book. Loved A Simple Plan.

So, I have to find my groove again. Just a matter of discipline and dedication. No problem.

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