Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Crack Myself Up Sometimes

Since John Rickards stole this idea for his blog (read his post here), I guess it's OK for me to steal it from him. What if you changed one letter in the title of a book?

Here are my deranged titles:

BRIGHTON COCK: The study of an evil teenage boy in the porn industry.

THE DAVINCI COME: World famous professor uncovers shocking secrets of Christianity using the DNA code found in Leonardo DaVinci’s semen.

A DRINK BEFORE THE WAX: PIs Gennaro and Kenzie do tequila shots before getting Bikini waxes.

SHITTER ISLAND: An investigation takes place on a rathy stinky island in Boston Harbor.

THE LAST GOOD PISS: PI C.W. Sughrue takes a leak.

IN THE CUM: I think the title says it all.

Other entries can be read in the comment sections of John's blog and Sarah Weinman's post on the subject.

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