Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tess Gerritsen

Just got back from a book signing for Tess Gerritsen's latest book, The Mephisto Club. She's such a nice woman and was kind enough to sign the book for my wife and me. I really liked Vanish and can't wait to start this one, whenever my wife lets me have it.


Trace said...

I love Tess's blog. I noticed you mentioned that you'd read Lehane's Coronado in an earlier post. I LOVE him. How was the book?

Steve Allan said...

I actually talked to her briefly about the blog.

As for Dennis's book, it was pretty good. I thought the play was very well done. There was one story that was a complete stinker, but the others were extremely good. I heard him read early versions of two of the stories in the collection, so I was glad to re-visit them.