Thursday, May 24, 2007

Interesting Resource

Looking for things to occupy my mind I came upon Charlie Rose's website. I think just about every show is available to watch, but the most interesting to me, and hopefully to you, is the long list of writers the famed interviewer has had on, accumulating some 1200 episodes. Some of the authors include Joyce Maynard (talking about her relationship with J.D. Salinger, though it's much cooler to see her talk about it in person), Kurt Vonnegut, William Goldman, Carl Hiaassen, John Irving, Kazuo Ishiguro and Hunter S. Thompson.

If you are unfamiliar with Charlie Rose, his program is on PBS (that channel you flick past when seeing what's on VH1). The interviews delve much deeper than other television talk shows. You don't get any of the superficial pre-packaged info that seems to be the foundation of other programs.

If you check out any of the interviews (and there are plenty more on topics such as art, politics and science), let me know.

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