Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Watcha Watchin'?

So, along with distractions in the news and books (currently reading SLEEPING BEAUTY by Ross MacDonald and ACACIA by Jagermeister David Anthony Durham), I've slowly settled into more television and movies lately.

Best new movie on DVD I've seen recently: RENO:911 MIAMI is absolutely hilarious. Loved it. It was so wrong in so many ways, which sums up my sense of humor.

Current television show on DVD fixation: VERONICA MARS. We've been watching an episode or two a night from Season One. I already bought Season Two. Too bad the show has been cancelled. (But I am glad to find out that Kristen Bell is much older than her character, because I don't feel so much like a creepy guy who digs high school chicks.)

The only movie I've seen in the theaters recently: FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. I'll admit, this movie is a huge improvement over the first one; but that was helped in great part by the Surfer, who has to be my favorite comic book character (at least on equal footing with Batman) - an metal-colored alien who rides a surfboard through the cosmos, what's not to like? OK, to those who aren't familiar with the FF mythology or the Surfer, the movie probably seems a bit disjointed; but I don't think people should expect anything the Oscars will be paying attention to next year. But (SPOILER) the end does suggest a Silver Surfer movie. My inner geek is just drooling at the prospect.

Reality Show: I'm not big on the reality shows. AMERICAN IDOL? I couldn't care less. But ON THE LOT seemed like it would be interesting (filmmakers competing by making short films), and for the most part it is; but the original concept was much much cooler. This show is a mess, and so is its website with all of its typos and poor navigation. It seemed like the show would document each filmmaker as they made their films, but it appears that the producers have abandoned that idea and gone with something akin to AMERICAN IDOL, complete with public voting, etc. I think the only reason this still holds my attention is the subject matter of filmmaking; but the show needs some major work - disappointing considering that one of the producers is Spielberg.

Best Kid Shows I Like Better Than My Kids: FAIRLY ODD PARENTS - consistently funny with plenty of jokes for the adults who get sucked into it. TEEN TITANS - cool characters and out-of-this-world animation make this a great show. Don't be ashamed to watch it, it's worth the embarressment.

Back catalogue DVDs watched recently: PLATOON - still awesome. THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK - the film holds up for the most part, but the special effects heavy (not to mention slightly confusing) ending sinks the movie. Director George Miller's talents definitely shine through. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - it will always be the best STAR WARS movie. It proves that Lucas can be a brilliant filmmaker, if he lets other people take his ideas, write the screenplay and direct the movie. BOWFINGER - as funny as I remembered it. Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy make a terrific pair. I wish they would do another movie together. (Happy Premise #1: There are no aliens. Happy Premise #2: There is no giant foot waiting to squash me. Happy Premise #3: Even though I feel like I'm going to ignite, I probably won't.)


David Anthony Durham said...

Dear Noir Writer,

I'm loving the third season of Deadwood.

I watch ESB about once a month because somehow I've convinced my kids to dig Star Wars just as much as I did and I'm at pains to explain to them why it's better than ROTJ. They don't seem to mind the Ewoks. (Course, they don't mind the Binks either...)

Noir writer, where's your book?

Noir writer, you're only 33?

You seem older, somehow. Honestly, though...

Oh, I've lost my train to thought!

David Anthony Durham said...

Oh, yeah, I just remembered!

Thanks for mentioning my book.