Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where the Hell am I Going?

So, the other day I wrote for a couple of hours straight, producing about 1200 words, which is a nice number. It's a short story about a P.I., but I didn't know that at the time I wrote the first sentence. The only thing I knew when I put that first word on the screen was that it would be gritty and in the first person. I was flying blind, which can be pretty liberating. I haven't returned to the story since the initial writing, but I hope to get back to it sometime tonight. The trouble is that I don't know where it's going right now and so I'm a little reluctant at resuming the story, perhaps because I've had time to think about it.

Now, I'm not one for writing puzzles; I don't think I'll ever write a true whodunnit mystery story, but I'd like to see this story unravel like a gentle ride in the country, and then go ballestic, like hitting a steep hill, losing the breaks and hitting the gas to Mach 1. (Wow. That was a bit hammish of me.)

I guess the trick will be in not re-reading what I already wrote before continuing; just start writing at the point I left off and allow the story to just come to me. Making it comprehensible is what the second draft is for, right?

However I did know what one of the characters was going to drink: Martini! Man, that still kills me. Does anyone else find that as funny as I do? Admittedly, you have to be quite the Star Wars geek to even begin to find that joke amusing.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

I found writing a story about a P.I. very difficult because of the history that precedes it. How to be original at all with that expectation that certain elements would be present. The only way I could do it, was to make the PI stuff the back story and pretend it was just an ordinary man faced with a enigmatic situation.