Friday, November 30, 2007

Ferris Bueller, You're My Hero

Congratulations to Jay Leno and Taylor Hicks offspring, Lyman Feero on being shortlisted for the Spinetingler Magazine's Best Short Story Award. The Switch was originally published in ThugLit. Now, due to my modest nature I don't want to take credit for critiquing the story and pushing him to submit it or anything; but I will. Two words for Lyman: You're welcome.

Oh OK, so I really didn't have much to do with the story being so good, I guess that was all him.

Remember to check out the short lists and vote before Dec. 30.



Love Child


Lyman said...

Jesus, how many time do I have to thank you already... sincerely though, thanks for giving the story the old once over and suggesting Thuglit. I don't think it would have ever gotten published in the horror markets, prudes that they are.

Without the hair, the picture loses something in translation. Never got a Taylor Hicks reference, but I still get Leno references all the time. Personally I don't see it.

Steve Allan said...

I require constant gratitude and continued obedience. A sacrificial virgin every once and awhile would be nice, as well as a ritualistic feast every year on the Tuesday following Memorial Day, because I like the long weekend.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Lyman, just be glad he's not insisting on fellatio.

Steve Allan said...

Well, not again.

Lyman said...

Yeah I suck at it...