Thursday, October 02, 2008

Short Attention Span Politics

I think Sara Palin is our first short attention span candidate. As she was responding to Gwen Ifill's questions, I kept on forgetting what it was Gwen asked. Palin seem to ignore whatever the topic was and stuck with the campaign talking points. She was all over the place. She just rambled on until her time was up - and she didn't say anything. Tax cuts! Maverick! Change! She's perfect for the under informed populace, the MTV generation used to quick glimpses of information and the certifiably insane. The United Stupids of America are probably zoning in and out while she's babbling, unaware that she's skirting the issues being discussed. There is no way people who pay attention to shit are totally for her because of her position or knowledge - these supporters must have some other motivation.


Lyman Feero said...

"I'm not going to answer the questions the way you or the moderator would like." - Gov.Sarah Palin.

"She's young and a very attractive woman." -Britt Hume in response to how Gov. Palin won.)

"Palin is very attractive and full of energy." -Pat Buchanan

I heard no less than five (male) commentators on three networks say that part of Palin's victory was how "happy" and "attractive" she was.


Besides people who wink creep me out.

Men watched this debate with their dicks in their ears and women are still swooning over the possibility of "VP Mom." (This is a generalization obviously, but my wife and I seem to be a very small minority that watched the debate for its content.)

Oh god! As I write this, Ann Curry just called Palin's delivery SEXY! WTF is wrong with you people?

Steve Allan said...

"Men watched this debate with their dicks in their ears"

In both ears? Because that would require more than one dick. They'd have to borrow a cock, and if they didn't want to rip off their own dick, that means they'd need the dicks of two other (naked) dudes penetrating their ear passages. I guess it brings a whole new meaning of being gay for Palin.

OK, not only doesn't she know what the Supreme Court does, she has no clue what the powers of the VP are. Expanding the authority of the VP would require a Constitutional amendment. Plus she was hoping to appoint people from both sides of the aisle, except that's the President's job.

The fact that she wasn't a total train wreck so that means she did really well is absolute bullshit. I could go up there and not answer any questions. Maybe Pat Buchanan will get an erection for me too.

Lyman Feero said...

Well, considering their heads must be hollow a guy could technically enter one side and come out the other, covering both ears at once.

The thing that gets me... was Gwen going easy on Palin because of the controversy over her upcoming book. Man, if I was moderator I would have been all over Palin for not answering the question. I understand Biden sticking to his attacks on McCain but damn, he should have called her on it at least once.

I was questioning my patriotism about midway through the bush administration, if McCain gets elected I'll lose all pride in being an American.

Hey Steve, fill me in on how the election works if the electoral college splits exactly down the middle. The morning radio show said the house chooses the President and the senate chooses the VP. Is that right? Could we potentially see an Obama/Palin regime?

Steve Allan said...

Yup, that's exactly how an electoral tie works. The election in 2000 should have gone to Congress before the Supreme Court stepped in. It wouldn't have made a difference since the House and Senate were in the hands of the Republicans, but it would have legitimized it a bit more.

However for an Obama/Palin administration, you'd need every Republican in the Senate to vote for Palin, which won't happen. Chuck Hagel would most definitely vote for Biden - he's already expressed his distain for Palin.

As for the debate, Ifill was a horrible moderator. She should have pulled Palin in and kept asking her the questions until Palin addressed them.

The other thing that pissed me off, and has for the entire campaign, is the fact that McCain and Palin have dismissed the benefits of diplomacy. Christ, Reagan met with the Russians in the middle of the Cold War. Why is this any different? Have the Republicans become so pigheaded that talking and getting some understanding of our enemies are now wrong? McCain won't even talk with Spain, I mean what the fuck? HE WON'T MEET WITH SPAIN! He can't even talk with our allies. That's not being a maverick, that's being ignorant.

pattinase (abbott) said...

She's the perfect candidate for those who regarded Bush as too deep.