Friday, January 19, 2007

They're Gonna Party Like It's 1983

After George Bush had his feelings hurt at last year's White House Correspondence Dinner (Stephen Colbert was too truthful), organizers have invited cutting edge comedian Rich Little to perform at this year's function in April. Little has already stated that he won't mention Iraq, or anything else that has happened in the last twenty years. Enough time has probably passed so that jokes about Grenada and the Soviet Union will be safe. I can't wait for that warmed over impression of Reagan, which is the last president Little bothered to imitate. Along with Reagan, look for impressions of Richard Nixon, Johnny Carson, Walter Brennan and Jack Benny.

Of course Bush isn't the only president organizers have tried to protect from unwanted remarks at the annual dinner. You'll remember that Don Imus received bad reviews for his "performance" at the expense of the Clintons. The next year, comedian Ray Romano appeared offering up some light and inoffensive comedy. The difference between the current controversy and the previous one is that Imus wasn't (and never is) funny, while Colbert did an actual act that was funnier than hell (it's still one of the most downloaded things on itunes); and Romano was popular during the year he appeared. Who the hell has seen Rich Little since before the fall of the Berlin Wall?

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Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

I thought Rich Little died years ago. Maybe Pat Robertson resurrected him for the event.