Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Go Blue!

OK, before I forget to mention it here, UMaine's hockey team is in the Frozen Four. Their game against Michigan State is Thursday at 4:00. North Dakota plays those douche bags from Boston College at 8:00. Alright, so Maine didn't end their season with the greatest record, but neither did any of the other three teams in the finals. No top seeds this year - they were all eliminated by underdogs. I didn't go to any of the home games this season, but I'm hoping my son will be old enough to go next year. I can't afford season tickets like some people (or a skybox like others), but I should be able to score tickets for a few games.

When Maine squashes Michigan State tomorrow, they'll start preparing for the championship game on Saturday. Let's hope they go all the way.

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Anonymous said...

We may not be routing the same Go Blue (University of Michigan alumni here), but we're both routing for Michigan State to go down.