Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm a Winner!

I don't want anyone to get too excited, but I may be the winner of a huge lottery jackpot! I just got an e-mail telling me this. Forget that the syntax and spelling of the message is atrocious, or that it says it's from Yahoo!, but the reply e-mail isn't a Yahoo! address. Or that it comes from the Spanish Yahoo! office in Madrid. Or the lotto-coordinator is a "doctor", I mean that makes it sound legit to me, but he refers to himself by three different names throughout the award notification. His photo is even in the message. I mean, the guy doesn't look Spanish, but maybe they brought him in from another office. But 1 Million Pounds is mine! However, since I'm American and this is coming from Madrid, shouldn't the monetary amount be in dollars or Euros? They keep saying to look out for Nigerian scams, but this is coming from Spain, so I think it's OK.

Oops, it says that I have to keep this information confidential from the public or any official or I'll be disqualified, but you won't tell anybody, will you?

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