Sunday, March 25, 2007


Sorry, there won't be a Sunday Interview this week. But there are interview questions out there, so hopefully I'll be able to post something next week.

Instead of doing my usual horrid job of writing HTML, placing links and finding smartass photos on Google Image search; I actually had time tonight to write. I happened upon a short story I abandoned some time ago, re-read the few paragraphs I had managed to write before something else captured my attention. I liked what I read and decided to finish the story. So, I was able to pound out 514 words... and some of those were in Spanish. Oh man, my Spanish is really rusty. I'm hoping I can find someone to check my translation before I make a couple idiot out of myself.

Anyway, it's past 1:00 and I am tired. Went to Bar Harbor today. Spring is my favorite time to go down there because no one is there. It's like a ghost town. In fact, we had a tough time finding a place to eat because all the restaurants were closed until the middle of April. But the place is beautiful. I truly love it - and I didn't have to share it with any pushy tourists, which is a nice little bonus.

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