Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Wow. What a real piece of shit. I watched it last night and I still don't know what the point of the movie is. We're all linked in this wild and crazy world? Isn't that what we learned last year when we were forced to sit through Crash?

OK, lessons from Babel:

1. Don't leave the United States, because you'll either be shot or stranded in the Mexican desert.

2. Japanese teenagers are horny.

3.Don't shoot at buses.

The movie is even more frustrating because the acting is superb and many of the scenes are expertly directed; but in the end it was a really crappy movie.


Sandra Ruttan said...

So, um, what did you really think?

Steve Allan said...

So, you're saying I was too subtle? :)

Mac said...

I agree. I have nothing against depressing materia, but it needs to mean something. This was mere wallowing in the guise of the Important Movie. The hype reminded me of another stinker, Crash, which did treat an important topic but did so in the most ham-handed fashion imaginable. But don't get me started on Paul Haggis....

pattinase (abbott) said...

Although I didn't see it, I felt relieved it didn't win the Oscar. It just seemed so manipulative from the promos.

Steve Allan said...

Haggis has the same problem Brian Helgeland has which is the movies he directs himself are usually crap, but in the hands of others, the films are pretty good. It makes you wonder how much of others' input is responsible for their success.

I'm usually weary of films that blatantly scream, "Hey, I'm an important film!"