Thursday, July 05, 2007


So, not only did I finish a really shit draft a few days ago, but I also wrote another one. Currently I'm the middle of a third story and just started a flash fiction piece; and yes, the flash is a sequel to HUMP THE STUMP. Last night I did the first read throughs and edits on the finished stories - both need a lot of work, and I felt really bummed about them, but I feel like that after the first reading of all of my stories. My goal is to have all four of these stories completed and sent out for publication by the middle of next week.

Well, back to Stumpy. It's not easy finding a way for an armless, legless man to kill people; but I'll find a way.


Anonymous said...

Rock on man. Isn't it great how productivity can build up after a while. And I'd much rather be writing about readthroughs of shitty drafts than moaning about not being able to finish the shitty draft.

Christa M. Miller said...

That's great to hear, Steve. Gotta love shit drafts.

I say you find Stumpy a sponsor who modifies the cutting-edge equipment for him - two puffs on a straw, and a machine gun pops out from his chair. But I'm a geek that way.