Monday, July 02, 2007

The Shittiest Shit Draft Ever

I finished the first draft of a short story late last night (actually it was early this morning) and I have to say that it was some of the laziest writing ever, more of a blueprint than actual prose. I'll let it sit for the next week so I can gain some distance from it before I start the first (of many) re-writes. I just have to remember that I made changes to earlier parts of the story as I reached the end. For instance, the weapon my main character has at the end switched from a gun to a knife, so I have to make sure he starts with the knife when I go back over the first half of the story.

But I did finish the story.


Dave Zeltserman said...

when I saw your post title on crimespot I thought you were going to be ranting about the Celts latest draft ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I do love the shitty first drafts of stories. Congrats on getting the damn thing finished though. I'm still trying to wrangle my own story mss into an ending before it becomes a novela. Are you aiming this one at any specific markets?

Steve Allan said...

I think every draft pick the Celtics choose in the last twenty years has been pretty shitty.

As for a market - something violent filled and profanity flooded. But I am working on something specifically for you; you'll love it, I promise. :)