Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wyoming Watch: Day, I Don't Know, 3, Maybe?

Still no one from Wyoming. Maybe someone who just attended the Jackson Hole Writers Conference is still in the state and desperately wants to be counted on my blog. (And to bring this all into the crime fiction realm, the special guest at the conference was the incredibly talented Daniel Woodrell).

Here are six things you don't know about Wyoming. However, I did know that Harrison Ford has a place in Jackson Hole.

I do want to thank my visitors from Utah and Nebraska. With their help, I need only 16 more states (and that includes you, Wyoming!).


Stephen Blackmoore said...

Face it. Wyoming hates you. You shouldn't have said all those things about it that you did. Or fucked it's sister and girlfriend while the three of you were doing lines of blow off that stripper's ass in Vegas.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Be prepared. When you get a comment from me tomorrow or Friday, I will be in RI. Cross it off the list!