Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where I Was Sunday Night

I'm serious when I say I was probably the youngest person in Fenway. Most of these people were reliving their...mid-forties. I'm glad that some still had a taste for pot - it was a nice contact high. Made me hungry for Dunkin' Donuts; and since it is Boston, thankfully there is a DnD every ten feet - including one right in Fenway. Convenient.

Great concert and it was really cool to see the three of them together on the stage. I've seen Sting twice before, but this was different. But they did show their age if only in the tempo of the songs. Gone is the frantic punk attitude they had when they played their famous set at the Orpheum in 1979. The moodier influences all three have collected since the band broke up in 1984 was very evident. It didn't help that WBCN played the '79 gig a few times during the weekend.

But it was interesting to think about who was in the audience. There were people like me, Gen-Xers who embraced any good music in the '80s (which was in short supply), there were the younger people who were dragged there by parents; and then there were those parents - Baby Boomers grasping onto those memories of the early 1980's. It's funny to think that all of these people (myself included) were willing to pay these concert prices to see a band they wished they could have seen back in 1979. BTW - I was 5 when The Police played that Orpheum set. Yes, it is true (and quite evident) that the band members have matured and the mastery of their instruments is at a peak; but these reunion tours, whether it's Genesis or Smashing Pumpkins (who I really really want to see when they play the Orpheum in October), are really about the past. No one is going to convince me that The Rolling Stones are better now than they were during their Sticky Fingers days.

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