Tuesday, July 17, 2007

That's Bullshit

So, a friend of mine who normally doesn't write crime fiction (more of a sci-fi/horror guy, or alternative/speculative fiction) had the good fortune of getting a great story published at ThugLit. He submitted The Switch there after I pushed him in that direction (I did a little bit of critiquing on the story). He's happy because it's the first piece he's had published since earning the ever-daunting-yet-impressive MFA and he's received a lot of good feedback. However, one of the e-mails he received was from some writing dickwad who was ticked off that his stuff wasn't being published because of people like my friend who were crossing into genres they had no business publishing in. This pisses me off.

Since I first started corresponding among various crime writers (both the big and the small), I've found it amazing at how friendly and helpful everyone in the genre can be. At times it seems that it's just a large, extended family with similar interests. Oh, there are disagreements at times on the numerous listservs, but those come from a passion of the subject. But this is the first time I've heard of someone coming out and attacking someone because they had the talent to publish a story. I've continually told friends in other genres at how great it is that my follow crimewriters are some welcoming, so it really embarrasses me to hear this story.

So for those out there who aren't in the crime writing circles, know that the large majority of us are nice and welcome new writers into our genre. As for the prick that wrote that idiotic e-mail, concentrate on your own work. Perhaps the blame for your not being publish lies on you. Don't use someone else's success as an excuse that you don't have the talent to publish.


Lyman Feero said...

If it wasn't for the fact that you're five years youger than me, I'd feel like my big brother came to my defense. Thanks! I've responded to D.L. Chapel (A.K.A. Noirboy)and am waiting to see if he was just having a bad day or if he has a real hate on for me. Regardless, one punk in the pudding doesn't taint my perception of the fine writers that make this genre their home. It made me realize that if I don't want to be labeled I shouldn't label myself.

Greg Bardsley said...

Hey, I read that story last month, and I really liked it. Really strong. I could care less who the hell the writer was (in this case, some cat named Lyman). What I did like was that his great story was helping to give the genre a boost in credibility -- not because he came from a far-away genre, but because he wrote a great piece -- period.

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