Sunday, January 13, 2008

Golden Globes - How'd I Do?

When the Globe nominations were announced I posted my predictions. Now that the Hollywood Foreign Press has held its own press conference, let's see how I did.

Best Picture - Drama
My pick: Atonement
Winner: Atonement

Excellent! Am I good or what?

Best Actress - Drama
My pick: Julie Christie
Winner: Julie Christie

Two for two!

Best Actor - Drama
My pick: George Clooney
Winner: Daniel Day-Lewis

To my credit, I did write that Day-Lewis should win.

Best Picture - Comedy or Musical
My pick: Sweeney Todd
Winner: Sweeney Todd

Yeah, batting .750.

Best Actress - Comedy
My pick: Amy Adams
Winner: Marion Cotillard


Best Actor - Comedy
My pick: Johnny Depp
Winner: Johnny Depp

Still doing pretty good.

Best Animated Film
My pick: Ratatouille
Winner: Ratatouille

That's right, I'm that good at this.

Best Foreign Language Film
My pick: The Kite Runner
Winner: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Did not see that coming.

Best Supporting Actress
My pick: Julia Roberts
Winner: Cate Blanchett


Best Supporting Actor
My pick: Javier Bardem
Winner: Javier Bardem

Oh yeah, back on the saddle.

Best Director
My pick: Tim Burtin
Winner: Julian Schnabel

Only to fall off again. Schnabel? Interesting choice. Very unpredictable.

Best Screenplay
My pick: Joel and Ethan Coen for No Country for Old Men
Winner: Joel and Ethan Coen for No Country for Old Men


Best Score
My pick: Atonement
Winner: Atonement

Oh yeah, I'm back on track.

Best Song
My pick: Eddie Vedder fror "Guaranteed" (Into the Wild)
Winner: Eddie Vedder fror "Guaranteed" (Into the Wild)

I'm smoking.

Best TV Series - Drama
My pick: House
Winner: Mad Men

OK, you can't get them all. I'd like it noted that I wrote that Mad Men should win.

Best Actress - TV Series Drama
My pick: Kyra Sedgwick
Winner: Glenn Close

I also said that Close should win, however I thought the Hollywood Foreign Press would go for Sedgwick's horrible southern accent.

Best Actor - TV Series Drama
My pick: Hugh Laurie
Winner: Jon Hamm

OK, I'm a little shakey with the TV stuff.

Best TV Series - Comedy
My pick: 30 Rock
Winner: Extras

Very shakey.

Best Actress - TV Series Comedy
My pick: America Ferrera
Winner: Tina Fey

Another case in which the person I picked who should win, did in fact win, but my prediction on who will win was completely wrong. Shouldn't I get at least partial credit?

Best Actor - TV Series Comedy
My pick: Alec Baldwin
Winner: David Duchovny

Jesus, I can't pick any of these.

Best Mini-Series or TV Movie
My pick:Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Winner: Longford

What the hell? It's like quick sand.

Best Actress - Mini-Series of TV Movie
My pick: Debra Messing
Winner: Queen Latifah

I'm going down.

Best Actor - Mini-Series of TV Movie
My pick: Jim Broadbent
Winner: Jim Broadbent

Finally! I think this is the only TV win I got right.

Best Supporting Actress - TV
My pick: Katherine Heigl
Winner: Samantha Morton

I'm terrible here.

Best Supporting Actor - TV
My pick: William Shatner
Winner: Jeremy Piven

Wow. The TV categories kicked my ass. Let's do a tally.

Movies (14 categories): 9 out of 14

Television (11 categories) 1 out of 11

Well, onto the Oscars. Do you think they'll just do a press conference too? That was pretty convenient for everyone involved.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Having just seen Atonement, I think it was one of the dullest movies of the years and I loved the book. If you can make Dunkirk look boring....
Really glad for Mad Men and Jon Hamm.