Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I can't tell you how much it pisses me off when one person tells another person how they can and cannot express themselves, especially when the one criticizing is another writer. I'm sorry but you've failed to realize what it means to be an artist. What happened to this "marketplace of ideas" that we as writers are supposed to embrace? Because you cannot understand irony means others can't use it? Ridiculous.

This didn't happen to me, but to a friend of mine (who has already written about it); however since it happened within a group of people I have a connection to, in a group that I helped start, it offends me just as much as if someone had slapped me in the face. Right now I'm thinking about severing ties to this group, as sad as they would make me.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

The circumstances here are a bit enigmatic, but I sympathize with the condemnation of any sort of censorpship--esp. from peers