Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday

So, Super Tuesday is done and gone, but the race isn't finished. Well, in all actuality, Super Tuesday isn't done since New Mexico is really damn close, but we have enough results to tell us...well, nothing really.

OK, McCain is the frontrunner, which means there are still some Republicans with common sense. Huckabee rose from the dead last night (Wow, Jesus. First Lazarus and now Huck) and Mitt seems to be stuck in the mud. The Arkansas Godboy and the Massachusettes Bush Draft Light are splitting the hardcore conservative vote, which is a gift for McCain. While those two idiots vie for that part of the Republicans, you know, the ones who think fags are evil and women have no say about their own bodies and think there are too many Pedros jumping over our border and getting jobs as dishwashers at the Olive Garden - and love George Bush because he's a Christian; McCain is riding the moderate vote to the Republican convention. Unless God Boy or Bush Draft Light drop out of the race, the conservatives will continue to split their vote. And it could be that McCain has a big enough lead that it wouldn't matter if the conservatives agree to either Mitt or Huck. I like McCain, but his biggest disadvantage is the stench of dead bird from that albatross named G.W. that hangs around his neck. He believes the war in Iraq can work, but how much of that is he actually thinks the war is winnable and how much is his faith in the troops? If I were in the military, I would vote for McCain in a heartbeat. And I think that any military personel who doesn't vote for him is voting against their best interests. McCain cares about the military men and women, not just the military industrial complex - his devotion is to the troops. Would McCain be a good candidate? He'd stand a better chance against the inevitable Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket in November than Mitt or Huck, that's for sure. But then again, McCain would have done much much better than Bush against Gore in 2000 - not that the establishment Republicans cared.

So, onto the Dems. Is there any doubt that whoever loses this two-person race is just going to be the vice presidential candidate? I think the only conceivable alteration would be if Obama won and thought he needed Bill Richardson to win the Hispanic vote. But that still leaves the question of who will win the Dem nomination. If they continue to split the votes in relation to the percentages now, there won't be a clear winner and the nom will left to the convention, actually giving the convention some reason to exist other than a drunken party for out-of-towners to pick up hookers or film Rob Lowe sex tapes. Or both. If I had to guess, I'd say Obama is going to get the nomination. Think about history, America is more comfortable giving black males power before giving it to women. Black males were given the right to vote about forty or fifty years before women could go to the polls - of course those black males faced some pretty horrid circumstances to get into the voting booth, but on paper they were a-ok. Voters aren't as comfortable with women in executive positions. How many state governors are female? Sure, they can be elected to the Senate, rarely, but it happens; but if the position is one of singular power, women face a huge obstacle of perception. Do I think Hillary would make a bad president? Compared to what? Bush? Jesus, my four-year-old would be a better president than Bush. Truthfully, there isn't a whole lot of difference between Hillary's and Obama's policy ideals - I think the only difference would be method of execution and the amount of resistance they would receive; Hillary being the more aggressive and having the tougher time. But at least there is some excitement here. As much as they beat each other up, and as much as Hillary lets Bill out of his cage, only to bring him back and claim she didn't send him on the attack, and as much as this love Hillary/hate Obama and vice versa attitudes continue; at least there is some passion in the fight. At least this isn't a foredrawn conclusion just waiting to run its course. Maybe this lasting fight will force people to pay attention. Well, probably not. In all actuality these contests only concern less than half of the population of the U.S. Sad to say the least.

Well, at least I'm enjoying it.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I don't think either will choose the other as VP. Too much water under the bridge; two minority candidates is probably a mistake; too much ego on one candidate's plate. I may be wrong and probably will be, of course.

Steve Allan said...

Oh no, it's the dream ticket. As for the animosity, Kennedy and LBJ hated each other. Bush and Reagan didn't see eye to eye. Bush and Quayle? Not much in common there. If their people cannot see that the two of them on the same ticket isn't the best chance the Dems have, they're as stupid as those who are voting for Huckabee. Obama/Hillary 2008 - get used to that because you're gonna hear it a lot at the end of the year.