Monday, February 18, 2008

You Damn Kids, Get Off My Lawn!

So, I went to Border's during lunch. I had a 40% off coupon and an itch to use it. If you're interested, I bought Boyos by Richard Marinick, Gone, Baby, Gone on DVD (I know, a very Boston working class kind of day) and the latest issue of Poets & Writers (that's the pretentious MFA asshole shining through). But while I was shopping there were a bunch of high school students who were loud and obnoxious scanning the sci-fi and horror shelves. And as I was trying to ignore them, I realized that they were being loud and obnoxious about books, even going so far as to call a writer a "douche bag" because they didn't like his writing. These guys actually read, and more than just one or two books; they were discussing a ton of books. Well read high school students? In a group of about five? I read a lot in high school, but my other friends weren't as interested in books. How great is it that these kids were not only reading, but had found each other? I watched a sales clerk eye the group and I was thinking "No! Don't even think about confronting these guys. Do you really want to alienate what is possible the last five teenagers who read?" The clerk wisely decided to leave them alone and each one bought at least one book.

That's the type of obnoxious I can handle. It was the guy with the Lynard Skynard "Sweet Home Alabama" ring tone who decided a bookstore was the perfect place to talk about his daughter's current stay at the mental hospital. That's the guy to bother.

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